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We specialize in Krav Maga, Muay Thai, MMA, and Kali.
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The South Bay’s Best Martial Arts School

Here at Elite Training Center (home of Los Angeles South Bay Krav Maga, Combative Mixed Martial Arts, and more), we believe that personal self-defense is not about ending up in a fight. It’s about having the training and confidence to avoid potentially dangerous situations while being able to take charge and escape danger if the need ever arises.

Elite Training Center is proud to announce it received the “Best of the South Bay” award for Best Martial Arts. Elite thanks all who made this possible and recognizes this award mirrors the academy’s tremendous growth over the past year. Thank you, South Bay. Elite is truly proud of our Los Angeles roots.

Elite Training Center's Krav Maga, Kickboxing, & MMA Training Video.


Kickboxing Classes

Focused on Muay Thai kickboxing, this class also places a strong emphasis on improving the techniques that form the foundation for our Krav Maga and MMA systems.

Krav Maga Classes

This specialized training helps you develop both mentally and physically, integrating cardio intensive exercises with the most modern self-defense methods.

MMA Classes

Developed by professional MMA instructors and fighters, our program stresses no-nonsense training in kicking, punching, clinching, ground work, and more.

Fitness Classes

This cardio workout combines calisthenics, plyometrics and strength training at a fat burning heart rate that enables you to tone muscles and reduce body fat.

Kids CMMA Classes

All the children’s programs at Elite Training Center introduce young people to the many lifelong benefits of exercise, commitment, and teamwork found within martial arts.

Youth CMMA Classes

Our cutting-edge Kids CMMA and Youth CMMA programs give young students an introduction to the exciting world of Combative Mixed Martial Arts with an emphasis on teamwork.

Kali/Silat Classes

Open to all students, this class is based on the ancient fighting systems of the Philippines. You will learn the foundations of Filipino boxing, kicking, and grappling

CQC Club

This invitation-only club is comprised of advanced students committed to the goal of Black Belt and above, as well as those who would like to teach the system in the future.

Law and Military

Customized to the needs of law enforcement and military personnel, the LOTAR® counter-terrorism system at Elite Training Center is effective and efficient.

Women’s Self Defense Classes

We offer training classes alongside men for all types of MMA classes. However, many women take our Krav Maga classes because they find it aligns with their self defense training needs.

If you are a woman looking to join a martial arts gym you can try any 2 of our classes for free. Visit our gym today. 

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