We are proud to share with you a few of the perspectives of the students who have helped our school to thrive. Like everyone else at Elite Training Center, they know what it’s like to step onto the mat for the first time, and they’ll be able to recognize that same strength inside of you when once you join in.

mma parent with student son

Dan G.

“I have been training with Elite Training Center for about 8 months. I am in my 60th year of age and was concerned about my lack of experience and difficulty learning physical movements. Additionally, I was initially concerned about participating in the classes and feeling less than adequate. I was pleased at the respect I received when I first entered the training sessions. Everyone, instructors and students alike, was kind and patient. They helped me get over my fears. I also appreciate how we are taught self-defense in a way where, if we ever need to, we can apply it in real-world street situations. The instructors teach with a combination of skill and humor, making the classes interesting and agreeable.”

Jason H.

“The new Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program at the Elite Training Center is awesome. Professor Tony Pacenski is 100% dedicated to his craft. He can always be found on the mat helping students after class or sharing his experiences that have helped forge his knowledge of the art. Professor Tony brings an interesting teaching style that keeps it basic enough for beginners but detailed enough for more advanced students. If you have any opportunity to take his class or seminars, I would highly recommend it.”

Jane Q.

“I wanted to pass a note onto Brian about my experience at his school. I joined up because I was curious about kickboxing and self-defense training and because I thought it would complement my outrigger paddling. It is definitely a great workout, but I can honestly say it is one of the most positive experiences I have had with a fitness program/group in the South Bay.

Brian, and all of the instructors, are clearly experts at what they do, yet are patient beyond measure with the unskilled, uninitiated and uncoordinated (that would be me). I am always impressed with the way they explain things, and because they have set up an atmosphere that appreciates the nature of the sport, the other students in the classes who come to train are just as patient and welcoming. I also feel that, because of a medical condition that I have, I can still train in a safe place where the instructors care about my well-being and would take measures for me if something should happen.

I signed my son Slade up for the Kid-Jitsu classes and today was the first day. I felt very confident that Slade was in good hands because my experience had been so positive. Slade left the first class confidently and with a smile, and that has not always happened when I have taken him to sports ventures in the South Bay.

I feel really lucky that I have gotten a chance to experience what this school is all about. Anyway, I wanted to pass that on. I have been thinking about it for some time, and I finally got a chance to write it. Thanks for taking the time to read this.”

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