Integrity. Nothing gets you further than coming through with what you say you will. How can we get better in any area of our lives if we don’t adhere to such a simple thing?

We are all guilty of doing something that we deem “good enough.” If we continually do our tasks with poor effort or mediocrity, then how can we expect to move forward?

Krav Maga, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kali / Silat, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) all encourage goal setting for the practitioner. There’s not one person I know of who sets a goal of “good enough.” We don’t wake up in the morning thinking, “today I will be average.”

Take your approach to learning the martial way into your daily life and see how integrity plays a huge role in your interactions with others and both your personal and professional life.

-S. Derhammer

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