Benefits of women and men training together…

It’s been awesome seeing the growing number of women in the Master’s Path Krav Maga classes. There was a time not too long ago that martial arts was completely dominated by men, but more and more women are training and realizing that despite “inferior” size and strength, they are able to have success against larger and stronger opponents. As women we tend to be not only more flexible but more technical…we have to be because we can’t power our way through techniques using muscle and instead must depend on more exact precision and angles. When these solid techniques are combined with aggression women become incredibly formidable and dangerous fighters. Women and men training together is a great benefit to both genders on many levels, but it is especially effective at teaching men control and women aggression.

When training with women, men have to ease up on power and learn to practice techniques with control. Control can be an overlooked part of training! It doesn’t just mean going slowly; rather it involves awareness of the entire body and requires mental focus. You can move quickly and even aggressively and not hurt someone if you have control, and learning and practicing higher level techniques requires a certain amount of control to avoid hurting your partner.  This is where training with women can be a huge benefit to men. Additionally, women benefit from training with men because they learn the importance of aggression and commitment in overcoming a male’s strength advantage. Society conditions women to suppress aggression, and learning how to tap into it when necessary is a vital part of a woman’s training, and it’s a part that training with men will help her find.

In general, every partner you train with brings a unique set of skills, abilities, and physical differences to challenge you to evolve your capabilities in order to cope with that person’s individual attributes. So be sure to mix up your training partners. Both will benefit!

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