Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Week of Sept. 19th-23rd

Hello Elite Training Center Friends,

This week’s classes in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program saw us practicing techniques in combatives and self-defense focusing escaping from the back mount and finishing the fight from the mounted position. In addition, we learned how escape from the standing headlock and attacks from behind oneself by surprise.

The self-defense strategy of escaping from a headlock was a technique we continued address this week. This time around we learned how to prevent the attacker from breaking our posture. Once on the ground, we practiced the spinning armlock with knee on the belly and also added the standing armlock variation. These two types of armlock finishes were said to used in many Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu self-defense techniques. At the end of the week we practices escapes against the rear choke attack. Each move used a throw to takedown the attacker. The rear choke escape throw showed us the importance of quickly gaining our base and throwing the attacker over your head. Two points during the escape is to lower your hips lower than the attacker’s and after the throw is performed, hold onto the arm of the opponent so you do lose your balance moving backwards.

The second technique to escape the rear choke attack practiced this week was when the opponent pulled you off balance and backwards with the choke. If was important to attempt the first throw over your head first and only use the step back throwing strategy second if pulled off balance by the attack. One tip was to step back on the arm-side you are being choked with deeply. A second tip was to turn your head and look to the spine of the opponent. This will help you get gain superior leverage and the best angle to trip the attacker to the ground as you move behind him.

On the mats this week we looked escaping the back mount and finishing from the front mount. Quick notes to about escaping the back mount, aways protect you neck from the choke, learn to be in control of your hips and found an effective escape strategy. Remember that when you are late in your defense, many times the opponent will determine what type of defense strategy you will use. You can not force it.

Lastly, during the week of classes, we explored basic finishing attacks from the front mount. Techinques that were reviewed and taught were the spinning armlock, the arm trap to rear naked choke and the arm trap to armlock. I could see a lot improvements in the students jiu jitsu practice in the performance of the armlocks this week.
This weekend led us to the first Elite Training Center Survival Camp in Santa Barbara, CA. Many of you that attended quickly learned the difference between training jiu jitsu on the mats verses ground survival training in the elements. But that is another story…


Prof. Tony Pacenski

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