Brian Rauchbach: President/Chief Instructor Resume

  • -Specialized in all forms of Close Quarters Combat
  • -Head of Training for PSD team Operational Defense System
  • -Master Trainer Level in All weapons Platforms
  • -specialized in tactical training for law enforcement and military units on matters of tactical shooting and military Combatives (hand-to-hand combat).
  •  Founder of the Combative Mixed Martial Arts system:

Combative Mixed Martial Arts – is a system of self-defense created by cage and ring fighters to address specific self defense scenarios from the street or for law enforcement or military personnel. These MMA techniques have been mixed with various combative principals from CQC systems such as Krav Maga, Lotar, Kali, and Naval Spec war Combatives to help to create a more complete and well rounded fighter using techniques that have been battle tested in the streets on the battlefield and in the cage or ring. It combines the Hand to Hand fighting and releases of Krav Maga the Gun usage and Disarms plus the arrest and control and counter terror techniques of LOTAR, the knife, stick, various weapons as well as the H2H attacks and defenses of Kali and the Ju Jistsu, Boxing and dirty Boxing, Thai Boxing, Wrestling, Combat Submission Wrestling, of Mixed martial arts. This combination of systems truly brings back the idea and warrior ship of mixed martial arts. It was this manor in which system were created in the past and it is this manor that we feel brings forward the best combative process for the martial artist to excel and become the most complete fighter possible.

This system is currently being cultivated at Lotar Elite Training center in Redondo Beach ca with the help of Local SWAT Federal Law Enforcement and the Fighters Before mentioned under the guidance of Head Instructor Brian Rauchbach.

Currently President and Chief instructor at Elite Training Center which is under the umbrella of LOTAR International, Brian Rauchbach, has 16 years of operational experience in the professional security-contracting arena. While working in many international theaters of operation, Mr. Rauchbach worked with and was trained by many of the top operators from the most elite Counter Terror units in the world. While maintaining the LOTAR / KRAV MAGA Kapap system as its foundation, Mr. Brian Rauchbach has also integrated the many different styles of Close Quarter Combat that he utilized during this time, adding to the effectiveness of the system

Martial Arts Experience, (23+ Years)

  • Combat Karate (2nd Dan) Under John Khul
  • SpecWar Combative System – Master Instructor Under Thomas Carter
  • Hisardut 3rd Dan- Under Mikki Erez / Moti Horenstien
  • Kavanah 3rd Dan- Under Neil Farber and Mikki Erez / Moti Horenstien
  • Lotar – CQB Chief Instructors Status Under Avi Nardia
  • Kapap- Chief Instructors Status Under Major Avi Nardia
  • ITS Shooting System – Doron Madmony
  • Krav Maga- 6th Dan Under Lieutenant Colonel Chaim Peer
  • CQB Goshin Jitsu (3rd Dan) Dennis Stockton
  • Ju Jitsu – 4th Dan Tanaka Suzuki
  • Combat Judo – 1st Dan Tanaka Suzuki
  • Hawaiian Martial Art Lua (1st Dan)
  • (2003 Hawaiian Martial Arts International Instructor of the year)
  • Muay Thai-  Kru Certified (10 years Professional Competition Team)
  • Western Kickboxing (16 Years)
  • Tai Jitsu
  • Fu-Jow Pai
  • Kali Escrima
  • Brazilian Ju Jitsu- Under Rickson Graice, John Machado.
  • High Risk Protection Projects in conjunction with the following:Special Air Service – England
    GIGN- Protection Division – France
    GIS-Special Operations Group – Italy
    Naval Special Warfare units – USA
    UAT- Anti Terror unit- Chile

Personal Protection Service, (15 Years)

National and International Personal Protection Services – High profile individuals:

Entertainment Industry
Fortune 500 Company Executives

Internal Physical and Technical Security Systems Consultation:

Entertainment Industry
Fortune 500 Companies
International Theaters of operations include: United States , Asia, Europe, and  Middle East

Elite Training Center
1628 South Pacific Coast Highway,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 543-1600

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