Budgeting Time for…

Budgeting Time for…

I recently read a blog post by a body builder talking about how they couldn’t quite understand how people can’t stick to workout routines and a proper diet. There was more talk about “wanting it bad enough.., doing something for yourself.., change your attitude..,” etc. If it is your job, your livelihood, your passion then anything is “easily” achieved. It isn’t realistic today to think that the ease in which a rock hard body is achieved is done by “wanting it bad enough.” (I would be the first to take the magic pill).  People have jobs, families, hobbies (more fun than lifting and running) all of which can be really demanding.  Budgeting time for anything that is strenuous is a choice that few make.

Budgeting Time for…

In most cases I would be remiss in noting that I’ve not said the same thing to people who train at Elite Training Center. “If you want to get good at Krav Maga, you have to do it.” I’ve said the same for Muay Thai, Kali, MMA, running, writing, painting, reading, blah blah blah. It isn’t easy. The demands we face are greater than time allowed. It is about budgeting time.

Making martial arts a priority is easy for the martial artist. Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Kali, MMA is what we do (at Elite Training Center), therefore I can’t quite understand why so many people say, “they don’t have time.” In this case, it isn’t about wanting it bad. Martial arts training is hard. Running and lifting is challenging. That doesn’t mean that you don’t want to do those things. Priorities are different for everyone.

Budgeting Time for…

As instructors at Elite Training Center, we are always looking for ways to budget our time. Our responsibilities vary and there are many. Recently, I have experimented with “Time Boxing.” I think the name resonated more to me than “Budgeting.”

Time Boxing takes an allocated amount of tasks and boxes them into time frames. Set a timer with no distractions around. Put your phone on vibrate, decide not to answer it.  Play music without lyrics and get crackin’.  Time Boxing can break down from large to small tasks, tackling a big task a little bit at a time, leading to eventually achieving an end result. “Box” an hour or two into your martial arts training. An hour of Krav or MMA and an hour of Kali or Muay Thai / kickboxing creates little dents leading to the next stripe on your belt, will then lead to the next belt and/or program.


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Budgeting Time for…

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