We had an amazing turnout this weekend for our Bully Buster seminar, over 40 enthusiastic kids. Prof. P, Tommy, and I ended up going over key concepts of bullying. We asked the kids what they thought Bullying was and we got a few great answers, which included getting physically hit or getting insulted. Prof. P emphasized the difference between hurting on the outside and hurting on the inside. He went over his L.I.O.N acronomy for the kids which stands for: L-LEAVE , I -IGNORE, O-ORDER, N-NOTIFY. So if a child was approched by a bully, their first initial reaction when bullied should be to Leave, if the bully persist they then should just Ignore them. If that does not work they should then order them to stop and finally after each of these steps they should always notify an adult. We had so many more ideas from the Bully Buster seminar that were shared to the kids that we hope that everyone got something out of it and Thanks to all that came out to support.

Kids Bully Buster Semina

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