Champions are goal oriented people

Champions are Goal Oriented!

Nobody becomes a Champion in Martial Arts (or anything else) by accident!

Black Belt Champions learn very early, the value and power of Goal Setting.

Martial Arts by nature, is a very goal oriented system for learning and progressing. As soon as you earn your White Belt, you begin a magnificent journey of step by step learning that is a series of short range, mid range and long range objectives.

The belt system, which is powerful motivator, is like a step ladder to success. Each step in the early stages, is like laying a brick in the foundation of a future Black Belt. Once you earn your Black Belt, there continues to be various degrees and higher levels of learning to aim for.

It’s exciting, motivating and extremely inspirational to pursue a series of goals that bring out the best in you. Especially when the achievement helps you to become a better person that is also making a positive difference in the lives of everyone around you.

The pursuit and achievement of meaningful goals goes hand in hand with success and happiness. Watch the face of each student as they wrap a Black Belt around their waist
for the first time…it’s pure joy, excitement and happiness.

To pave your own road to happiness, you simply set goals that make you happy.

People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.                                                — Earl Nightingale


You become successful the moment you start working toward a worthwhile goal. The
journey to Black Belt helps to sharpen your awareness and develop habits and attitudes that have a positive influence on all areas of life.

A goal that is properly set is halfway met.

Think it, ink it. Once you decide what you want, it’s important to write it down. This one
simple action often begins the process and will lead to greater success and achievement.


– Take a few minutes to write out the goals you’d like to achieve in the final weeks and months of 2010.
– Decide what actions need to be taken this week, followed by the actions you’re going to take today-not-tomorrow.
– Take action everyday, track your progress.
– Stay on course, stick to it until you do it!

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