Champions master their Emotions

       Champions Master their Emotions!
All of us are 100% emotional beings. The better you’re able to control and direct your emotions, the healthier and happier you’ll
be. And, the better you’ll perform in the Martial Arts and in life.
Martial Arts training and daily exercise is absolutely the best way to destroy harmful stress and eliminate negative thinking patterns that can lead your emotions into a slump.
Negative emotions…such as anger, fear, depression and sadness are often magnified if you allow tension to build up inside. Training eliminates stress!
Martial Arts training forces all the negatives out of your mind, body and spirit…allowing you to breathe in all the positives.
Another great way to influence your best emotions, is to purposely feed your mind and body the best information you can. Listen, read and watch things that motivate and inspire you. This helps to bring out your best emotions.
If you allow yourself to constantly absorb negatives, it’s like junk food for the brain. It can and will cause long term damage to your emotional well being, your mood and your overall state of mind.
Champions strive to master their emotions, by purposely programming themselves for success and achievement.
Everything you think, see, say, hear and do, influences your thoughts and emotions. Once you understand this, you may decide to be more aggressive on programming your thoughts everyday, by watching, listening and doing things that influence your emotions in a positive and empowering direction.
Positive programming leads you toward positive thoughts and emotions.
Positive emotions and energy will bring you greater health, happiness and optimism toward life and better prepare you to face your challenges head on.
Developing positive emotional control is similar to developing your confidence, it requires daily attention and regular conditioning.  

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