Humility and selflessness can work hand in hand in developing champions, as the champion must keep an open mind regardless of how proficient they become at their trade. They must trust in the people around them that they will give them the proper information to flourish and grow. This isn’t to say that the champion won’t think out of the box or try new things. They should be encouraged to do so. With the help and instruction of their coaches, they will feel confident enough to venture into new territory.

The makings of a champion can begin from any walk of life. Some people are born into the world with every resource at their disposal. Others are born into mediocrity with limited resources. Then there are those who are handed nothing, but regardless overcome any and all obstacles and make themselves a true champion.

Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach, CA promotes and prides itself on developing characteristics essential to creating champions. One doesn’t have to get into the ring or octagon, play on a court, field or diamond to be considered a champion. It is a mindset held by any warrior that makes a true champion, one of selflessness and humility.

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