The aim of Art is to project an inner vision into the world – Bruce Lee


My vision of Warrior Yoga (Silat) is to show our Elite Training Center students another way of “winning” and/or get away from a difficult situation. And not only the fighting and self defense attributes; there is so much more involved such as Flexibility, Strength, and Cardio.

In the Warrior Yoga class we emphasise ground techniques, the “downward dog” position, for example, in motion becomes a technique to escape, attack and/or take down.

The class is divided in 5 parts:
1) Warm up
2) Ground mobility and Evasions
3) Kicks combinations/Take downs
4) Sparring
5) Cool down (meditation)

In the youtube video you can see our Elite Training Center students during sparring. There is no contact, the movements are smooth and performed with control, very safe.
It is important to “test” these new attributes. This is the time you express yourself and build your confidence.

My suggestion is to try the class (If you haven’t try it yet), it is open to all, every Thursday at 9 am.

~ Guro Barbara Dalla Riva

Elite Training Center
1628 South Pacific Coast Highway,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 543-1600


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