Continuing Education

In an always-changing world, professionals from attorneys to salesmen must keep current and relevant.  Companies and individuals do this through continuing education, in the form of seminars, classes, guest instructors, travel, etc.  At Elite Training Center, we believe that the martial arts we teach must also adapt and evolve in order to give students the experience and knowledge they deserve, and we are continually bringing in guest instructors and sending our instructors out to seminars in order to see if there are aspects of our systems that can grow.  Within the last few weeks alone we have had experts in Muay Thai kickboxing and Krav Maga visit, and Tony is travelling to Brazil and will undoubtedly bring back some new techniques and approaches to BJJ.  Additionally, within the school we have instructors with a great deal of experience in different martial arts, and we are always collaborating and testing techniques among ourselves to find areas that can be improved.

Evolution and adaptation are important to survival in every part of business and life.  Students at Elite can be secure in knowing that we always strive to be innovative and progressive with the techniques that we teach, and we will never hesitate to adapt our systems when we believe they can be improved.  You can participate in this whenever we have guest instructors, specialty seminars, or camps that are open to students.  We encourage all types of cross training, and becoming educated about different systems and different approaches within the same system will only add to your martial arts experience in a positive way. 

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