Counter Attacking

Counter attacking is a very effective part of stand up fighting in all styles, whether it be western  boxing, Muai Thai, Mixed martial arts etc… either way countering is a crucial part of fighting! Many fights are won because of a well timed/placed counter or  even better said “counter’s”. I’m no expert by any means! But a lot of times it may be a consistent counter combination that you throw that lands or sometimes doesn’t really connect until Later on, once you have programmed your partner with something they recognize… Then unsuspectingly  mixing up your combo with your timing to keep your partner or opponent guessing  and flinching.

Landing counter attacks

Eventually you will start landing some counter attacks throughout the fight, or sparring session. Learning how to counter correctly and effectively at first is quiet a pain in the butt… It takes a lot of light sparring practice in a controlled environment to work out the kinks. When  coutner attacking you will get hit but the constant repetition of getting hit and immediately, without hesitating or losing base firing back accurately takes an immense amount of drilling and practice. Especially when you are having to angle and step with your punches, kicks, knees elbows, take downs etc… Taking into consideration all the things that can effect your output in training or fighting such as lack of sleep, dehydration, being sore/ fatigued and tired. All of these feelings are real and can take a massive toll on your reaction time when it comes to being hit… making it feel close to impossible to land good accurate counter shots! So take your time to hydrate your body, sleep and don’t over train . So that your ready to get hit and hit back more accurately, more explosively and just overall faster and harder than you thought was even  possible by taking care of your body. Counter attacking can be one of your greatest assests

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counter attacking

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counter attacking

counter attacking


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