Danny Christian

Danny Christian

Martial Arts Instructor and Coach

I have spent most of my adult life seeking and training with the best in the martial arts world. We have the best team of instructors I have ever worked with. I would trust this unit with my life. Some systems are set in stone, and other systems are constantly evolving. At Elite Training Center, we evolve with the changing times.

A person may be initially attracted to the self-defense or fitness aspect. However, we have created something special, a community that is held responsible for being the best that they can be both inside and outside the school, in your everyday life, and in our goal of helping you along the way. Martial arts is more than punching and kicking. It’s mental, physical, and philosophical.

At Elite Training Center, we do our best to stay out of the prevalent politics in many martial arts schools. Our goal is to provide you with the experience in every class that leaves you walking out of the school confident, happy, and with a big smile on your face. It doesn’t matter how bad of a day I may have before class after I’m done teaching a class or training, I feel 10 times better than when I stepped on the mat, and that keeps me coming back.”

Danny Christian Martial Arts Instructor

Martial Arts Experience and Training

  • Krav Maga Black Belt under Professor Brian Rauchbach
  • Lotar, CQC, Kapap, BJJ, and Muay Thai under Professor Brian Rauchbach
  • Hapkido 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor under Grand Master Tae Man Kwon
  • MARS System Advanced Student (Kali/Silat, Muay Thai, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Shooto, Wing Chun, Savate) under Sifu/Guru/Kru Ron Balicki
  • Krav Maga Level 4 Instructor – Krav Maga Alliance under John Whitman
  • Israeli Krav Maga – Counter Terror Instructor under Professor Nir Maman
  • Sayoc Kali under Tuhon Brian Calaustro
  • Jeet Kune Do, Kali, and Kickboxing under Sifu Brenda Lee Viernes Christian
  • Inosanto Laureano Kali/Silat and Muay Thai under Guru Willie Laureano
  • Gracie Jiu-Jitsu under Grand Master Rorion Gracie at The Gracie Academy Torrance
  • Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Muay Thai, and BJJ under Sifu Richard Bustillo IMB Academy
  • Mixed Martial Arts Assistant Instructor under John Marsh
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Mauricio “Tinguinha” Mariano, UFC Torrance
  • CSW Combative Submission Wrestling and STX Kickboxing under Erik Paulson
  • Muay Thai under Arjan Bryan Popejoy at Boxing Works

Martial Arts Teaching Experience

  • Adult Krav Maga, MMA & Muay Thai Instructor at Elite Training Center, Redondo Beach
  • Youth Program Director at Elite Training Center, Redondo Beach
  • MMA Manager, Instructor, Coach, and Youth Program Director at UFC Gym
  • Adult & Youth Certified Hapkido Instructor – Grand Master Kwon’s Hapkido
  • Krav Maga Instructor – Alliance Krav Maga, Culver City
  • Bolt Wrestling Certification under Kenny Johnson
  • Street Safe Kids© – Youth Empowerment Program Creator
  • RADKIDS® Certified Instructor
  • Kid-Jitsu® Certified Instructor
  • Executive Protection Security and Body Guard Certification
  • Created the Ultimate Self Defense Program at UFC Gym
  • Experience teaching kids with behavioral issues, “ADD”, autism, special needs, low self-confidence, hyperactivity, shyness, and disabilities
  • Developed programs and instructions for kids on anti-bullying
  • Self-Defense Instructor for women and children at public & private schools and adults in private sectors and corporations
  • Private and Group Instruction for Law Enforcement & Military Personnel

Fitness Certifications

  • TRX Suspension Training Group Certification
  • UFC Gym Certified NASM – MMA Certified Coach – UFC Gym Torrance
  • NLC Level 2 Practitioner Coach – Under Paul Chek
  • KettleBell Concepts Instructor Certification
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