Elite Training Center Nominated For Community Service Award

was nominated for the shinealight award, sponsored by American Express and NBC Universal, for community service.  Shinealight is  The nomination follows:

Elite Training Centeris more than a training center or school.  It is a place of true inspiration taught through self-awareness, self-confidence and the understanding that there’s something greater than just yourself.  It sets an example in surviving economic downturns by showing current students that THEY are the main focus and meeting their needs first.  The school is even helping its students during these tough times by working with them on payment plans and temporary freezes on memberships in cases of lost jobs or added hardships.A school full of students is what you think would be “successful”, but what makes this school special and inspiring is that it is more concerned with students being there because they WANT to be there and not because they HAVE to.  It truly sets them apart because there’s a feeling of camaraderie and respect for each other.  A feeling of belonging to something good (and I’ve heard others say it too). Once you are a member to the school, you are considered family.  I know through personal experience that anyone needing advice (on anything), a shoulder to cry on or just someone to be a sounding board, can go to Brian.  It’s truly amazing how the students respect and appreciate his efforts and contributions, as they are the ones helping the school stay open by bringing in new members.  The students even volunteer THEIR time to design, print and hand out flyers at fairs or other events! Some are even donating their time to help rebuild the website!Community involvement has always been a part of the school as Brian (and other instructors and students from the school) have donated seminars to various groups.  Examples that I know of are women’s self-defense seminars to the USC women’s soccer team and self-defense seminars at El Camino Community College, especially during the time when there were attacks on women around the campuses.  Time has been donated to special needs and low-income children, girl scouts and the elderly.  Brian has tirelessly volunteered training in his areas of expertise when contacted by our local police, SWAT, LAPD and fire departments and the local bases of the US Marine’s (Camp Pendleton).  During the past year, he voluntarily trained and helped an up and coming female fighter, Erin Toughill with her own dream (and she won all her fights!).They are true to their principle of “teaching confidence while respecting others” and working hard and not giving up to achieve your goals and dreams.Though times have been tough, Brian’s main goal has always been to help others and his belief that if he can help just ONE person then he has attained his goal. This school opened in December 2002 and without much profit, has been able to stay in business through the grace of his students.  We all see that he practices what he preaches and he’s touched the lives of so many that in turn we would all like to see him and his school succeed.

-Elite Training Center-

Elite Training Center
1628 South Pacific Coast Highway,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 543-1600

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