Elite Training Center Reaches Out Beyond Borders To Give Back

Elite Training Center reaches out beyond borders to give back to our global community.

August  12, 2010

Contact: Shawni Young 310 543-1600 shawni@EliteTrainingCenter.net

Redondo Beach California

Elite Training Center https://elitetrainingcenter.net in Redondo Beach, California (Los Angeles South Bay) makes a difference in our world every day. In the summer of 2010, E.T.C. sent forth their instructors to Costa Rica to help impoverished children between the ages of 10 and 14.

E.T.C. instructors Barbara Dalla Riva and Andres Haro lead a self-defense seminar for over 150 children throughout the course of two weeks in Costa Rica. Teaching and exposing them to vital techniques and information that may play a role in saving a life.

eliteGivesBack2010 Elite Training Center’s function is to give back whenever possible utilizing whatever resources are available to us. In order to best accomplish this goal, E.T.C. did a number of things reflecting their character and virtues every modern day martial artists should live by. Free seminars were held to help raise donations and over 300 students rallied together to acquire socks, gym shorts, sports bras, and jerseys for children in Monterrey and San Jose, Costa Rica. Elite Training Center worked together with a local non-profit organization, Basketball as a Mission www.basketballasamission.org/ to deliver and inspire good throughout our global community.


“I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone at Elite Training Center for their support of Basketball as a Mission. Besides raising funds and gear, you have helped raise awareness of our organization and have given us this great opportunity to reach out to our campers in a new way.” Colleen Lewis – Basketball as a Mission, Founder & Director

“My experience in Costa Rica was one of the best experiences of my life. E.T.C . plays a different role other than the studies and practicing of the martial arts. We go all the way back to the roots of why martial arts came to be in existence in the first place. Any human being can choose to take up arms and fight for whatever reason her or she may choose. But only a warrior lives a selfless life and dedicates his or herself to the well-being of the community. A warrior commits his or her life in service to others. That is the philosophy we try to abide and instill here at E.T.C . Without these traditional values, the true values and essence of martial will be lost to time which would be a tragic loss for mankind. Looking to help those outside of our South Bay community, We were successful in making an impact on the lives of many impoverished children and their family this summer in Costa Rica. Whether it was in the form of hospitality, receiving new clothes, or sharing information that may make a difference, E.T.C .  is an example of how a community can pull together and truly make a difference in our world today.” Andres Haro – Elite Training Center, Assistant Program Director

“With the right tools and the right team, I truly believe we can accomplish anything we set our minds to  Our minds where set on making a difference… and we did.” – Shawni Young, Elite Training Center, Program Director

“I have spent my life protecting, serving and teaching martial arts. I view martial arts as an attitude of respect, discipline, and mental focus as well as strength and skill. Everyone can learn martial arts. We have built an environment where everyone can come and learn.  And now we are stepping out to help those unable to come to us.  It is our responsibility to give back what we have been so fortunate to have learned.“ – Brian Rauchbach, Elite Training Center, Chief Instructor & Owner

Elite Training Center is the home of South Bay Krav Maga, Mixed Martial Arts, Kali, Kickboxing, fitness and more.  Elite serves the Los Angeles South Bay and is headquartered in Redondo Beach California.

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