Fitness: Do Muscles really have Memory?

Do Muscles really have Memory?

Uhh, all I know is the more I train and practice the better and faster I get!

That’s a good answer but what’s really happening?  If you want to know read on.

Whether you just started training martial arts or self-defense and fitness at Elite or have been training for a long time, you may have heard Instructors or your partner saying “Practice it’s good for your muscle memory” or “Practice, you will build up muscle memory”

What does that mean?  Well, here’s a good article on what’s going on when you are training fitness skills or martial arts skills:

Once you read the article, keep in mind if you practice a fitness or martial arts/self-defense technique incorrectly you are also building up muscle memory, which in this case is not a good thing.

So take your time, get it right and build the muscle memory. Practice makes Permanent!

~Pino Barile

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