Halloween Safety

Elite hosted a kids’ Halloween Safety /Bully Buster seminar and haunted funhouse event at the Redondo location yesterday afternoon.  I brought my 7 and 5-year-old daughters to participate, and they had such a great time…all the instructors worked hard to make it a fun and educational event for the kids.

The event began with an hour seminar on how to handle bullies, Halloween safety, and a bit of Stranger Danger tips.  The staff divided the kids into two rooms, with the younger kids in one room and the older kids in another.  I watched the younger kids’ seminar, and I was completely impressed.  First, hats off to Tommy and Janelle for keeping 17 little kids engaged and listening for an hour!  That’s no easy task!  The content was perfect; Tommy spoke to the kids about respect and how important it is to respect everyone, from teachers to others to yourself.  He talked about making eye contact when speaking with someone to show them respect, and he talked about how you portray self-confidence by how you carry yourself…for practice, the kids had to sit up straight and give their attention to the speaker.  I was so happy to see my girls taking it all in and paying attention (with a few reminders!).  Tommy talked about what a bully is and how to handle an encounter with a bully using LION (Leave; Ignore; Order; Notify).  He had plenty of audience participation (I loved all the kids yelling “STOP!  GO AWAY!” at full volume!)!  For Halloween safety, each child agreed to trick-or-treat with an adult and to let an adult inspect his or her candy before eating it.  All in all, the content was perfect for the age group, and the kids were engaged for the full hour and took  good information away from it.

Exploring a real SWAT truck

After the seminar portion the kids (and adults!) were able to explore a real SWAT truck, and local police were there to show them a police car up close.  It was controlled chaos in the “Funhouse” room, which had Halloween crafts and decorations and snacks.  The “Haunted House” room was dark and spooky but not too scary for most ages.  Kids were talking about how brave they were to have gone through, and several went multiple times.  A goody bag as a parting gift capped off a super-fun event for the kids, one that mine look forward to every year.  Thanks to all the instructors who helped make it a success!!

~Katie Toney

Elite Training Center
1628 South Pacific Coast Highway,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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