History of LOTAR

History of LOTAR

“I love the sport of mixed martial arts. It builds character strength and confidence. I am excited to take the program at Elite to the next level and serve the adults and youth of the Redondo Beach area.”

Joe’s Martial Arts Experience

LOTAR is derived from real-life combative situations and is s a complete system for police and the military.

Our system of LOTAR® is a complete combat counter-terrorism system, that includes both a self-defense component, Krav Maga, and offensive techniques, Close Quarter Battle (CQB), for neutralizing a threat in the quickest, safest way. In the full LOTAR system, the job is not done until the enemy is neutralized. While our Krav Maga is for everyone and provides self-defense techniques for escaping a threat, the full LOTAR system goes beyond just self-defense and is used primarily by police, security, and military personnel in situations where they must prevail for both their sake and the safety of the public.


LOTAR evolved from KAPAP, which stands for Krav Panim el Panim and translates from Hebrew as “face-to-face combat”. It provided fighting techniques that were needed in battle, including hand-to-hand combat and dealing with firearms, knives, and stick fighting. Krav Maga also has its roots in KAPAP, taking its self-defense aspects and simplifying them for general use.

A Counter-Terrorism Heritage

LOTAR teaches everything needed to deal with counter-terrorism, hand-to-hand combat, guns, knives, sticks, explosives, improvised weapons, infiltration, and sabotage. The most important concept of LOTAR is dealing with random threats, neutralizing it, and keeping the public safe.

The name “LOTAR” is derived from the acronym of the Israeli counter-terrorist school Lochama Be’Terror. LOTAR’s origins were born in the most elite counter-terror unit in Israel.  It was this idea of a complete counter-terror system that made the name seem appropriate, Our LOTAR  is an instinctive self-defense method that utilizes real-life situations as its teaching base. It is a complete combat concept that combines 360-degree self-defense methods with tactical shooting while analyzing various types of unusual violent situations. The guiding principle of LOTAR is to neutralize the threat quickly, in the simplest and most instinctive way, by utilizing empty hands or moving to improvise weapons or firearms.

LOTAR uses any available weapon or improvises one, considering environmental conditions such as urban or rural surroundings, visibility, terrain, weather, and target distance. Many existing martial arts institutions, although based on martial arts and theory, have lost the actual application of the techniques they teach. LOTAR, on the other hand, is all about application. It is continually modified to address the ever-changing world and the need for new and evolved techniques.

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