Ho Ho Holy Cows, there’s someone chasing me!!!

Do not forget how important this time of year is for self defense. With the amount of people doing holiday shopping, good people must be on the lookout.

At Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach, CA we encourage all of our students to use situational awareness each and every day. Krav Maga, Kali Silat, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu all focus on identifying and anticipating movement of an attacker or opponent. With the “silly” season upon on it is important to recognize the dangers that lie within.

Violent attacks and muggings occur around this time often out of desperation. Take this time to recognize what is going on around you. Utilize these simple steps to utilize situational awareness:

Don’t text while walking back to your car from a busy day of shopping. Keep your head up and move with purpose.

Don’t disengage your car alarm until you are at your car. Don’t make a steady line towards your own vehicle if you are alone. Move in the direction of another vehicle and then make a quick move.

Don’t hold onto too many bags which can inhibit your vision and mobility. Shop simply and smart.

Be sure to lock up your belongings and don’t leave anything in view worth stealing.

One more thing…don’t be a bad person. Santa’s watching…

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