Influence Others Through Martial Arts

Influence Others Through Martial Arts

Firstly, congratulations to everyone who promoted and tested in Muay Thai Kickboxing this weekend! It is always a pleasure to see everyone come together as a community and cheer their teammates on! Elite Training Center is successful because of the time spent by the students honing their techniques, improving their cardio, and most importantly showing their mental fortitude. The promotions are hard. AS Bobby Rich said, “if you don’t ask yourself WHY you are doing this” you probably aren’t training hard enough. Influence others to train hard.

Influence Others Through Martial Arts With Respect

Krav Maga, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and MMA are martial systems that require so much commitment to be successful at that we will often wonder, “Why?” The why is simple. You know that by committing to a martial art you are committing to something bigger than yourself. There is a much bigger picture that is being painted. It is about you and the people around you. It is about the influence you have on those people you care about. From the outside, martial arts are seemingly selfish. There are people who train to satiate their ego, but often once the dust settles and the spotlight is no longer on how fantastic their skill set is, reality sets in. What will I do with my Krav Maga? Where can I take my skills as a Muay Thai competitor or MMA fighter? Share. Share what you know to the people you care about. Encourage them to train with a positive influence. The confidence you achieve when you realize you have a grasp on a system will pale in comparison to the day when you are able to share it with someone who you care about. Respect what you learn and influence others.

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