KACHI is a Japanese term we use for VICTORY.

KACHI is a Japanese term we use for VICTORY.
It’s one way to recognize the achievement of a goal.
There are many ways to recognize and celebrate your victories and achievements.
The important thing is to do it…
Tracking your victories is an powerful way to stay excited and eager.
Everything counts, big victories as well as the little ones.
Often, it takes many small victories before we ever achieve the great big ones.  
Every goal is likely to teach you to overcome obstacles and setbacks.
Your ability to bounce back and overcome obstacles is another form of victory.
The more you remind yourself of your most important goals and objectives, the better
clarity you will have. This also helps you to stay on track and keep taking the actions
necessary to lead you and/or your team to victory!
Black Belt Champions and Elite Leaders always keep a clear vision of their
pre-determined target goals and take massive action to consistently hit their targets
and achieve their victories.
What is your definition of a VICTORY?
What has to happen for you to raise your arms in VICTORY?
When it happens, we ask you to raise your arms and shout “KACHI!”
There is never failure…only useful feedback!  
Champions are always aware of their track record of  victories and successes.
KACHI is such a great feeling…it triggers your endorphins and creates a natural high.
A healthy high that has no negative side effects and is filled with positive benefits for all.
It’s what we call a healthy addiction.
It’s time to update your 90 Day Victory List for the year thus far.
Compare it to your original goals when you started your year.  
As part of Scoring a “10” in Year 2010, we talk about dojo protocol.
Score a “10” in your Black Belt Manners…
QT}>Positive Response is aimed at classroom energy and attentiveness.
Q.T. refers to Quick Take Off, also known as hustle in the muscle. When you
are getting the targets or your safety equipment, you do it quickly. When you
are asked to get with a partner, you do it quickly and efficiently.
Imagine the opposite. When your instructor asks you to get with a partner, you
and your classmates move at a leasurely pace. It would slow everything down,
including the energy and pace of the class.
Positive response is a simple asknowledgement to your instructor’s request.
“Yes sir/Yes Ma’am” is one way. “OSU” is another way to acknowledge and show
Your positive response. Again, it keeps the energy, respect and attentiveness of
the classroom at a peak level.
The combination of Q.T. and Positive Response has proven to heighten the energy
and learning experience. It adds to the structure and the overall focus of a class.
A well disciplined class with a positive, respectful atmosphere breeds a strong
spirit of learning and eagerness. That’s what we call “Black Belt Spirit!”
Simple and also very easy. However, a wise man named Jim Rohn once said…”Anything easy to do is also easy not to do.”
It will make you stand out in the crowd as unique and different in a very good way.
Always show Black Belt Manners is about being polite and well mannered toward others.
Make it a goal to develop the habit of A-rated Black Belt manners.

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