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It’s funny how you discover new things when you least expect it, especially when it’s during training. Last night Travis and I were working with the Thai pads and towards the end of my last round I had a light bulb go off! “It’s so simple, why haven’t been doing this since the beginning!?” is what we’re thinking when that bulb lights up right? With only a few sentences exchanged and a couple of tweaks, my kick felt like a wrecking ball with rocket fuel! So far I’ve noticed that when I’m training, once in awhile I find things I never would have expected. The key to finding them is staying consistent with your training schedule and have a good time with it. Don’t take it so seriously if you can’t get something the first time, how will we ever know how to become better or what to enhance if we never make mistakes? Last thing I thought of is that we all get comfortable with that certain person we train with which is great. The bonds forged on the mat and through martial arts are unique. But once in awhile try opening your mind to training with new and different people. Always remember that everyone has something to teach you that you can use, regardless of level or which martial art they practice. Last night was the first time I worked with Travis one on one with Thai pads, but I’m sure glad I trained with someone different because now I feel like my rear round kick is ten times better!

-A. Haro

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