Kid Krav: Krav Maga Self Defense For Kids 9 Thru 15

Elite is pleased to announce its new Krav Maga program for kids from 9 through 15.  Both boys and girls are welcome no matter what their physical capabilities are.  Kid Krav teaches anyone to defend themselves and to respect themselves and others.

Krav Maga is the fastest growing martial art because it is truely about self defense, rather than complex forms and contests.  Krav Maga takes simple, intuitive reactions and refines them into an effective self defense system.

Elite Helps Kids Grow & Mature: Elite has a track record of success teaching kids.  And Elite’s Danny Christian, a father and certified youth instructor is expert in helping our children obtain the martial arts skill while simultaneously teaching respect and self discipline.

Kids Krav Teaches a Philosophy:  The attributes of respect, honor, strength and discipline are woven in throughout each session.  It’s never too early for children to start learning self-defense and our core principles.

Save, Fun, Learning Environment: At Elite Training Center, children are taught Respect, Honor, Strength, and Discipline in a safe and fun learning environment. These techniques build strong character, greater respect for parents and others, and strong bodies.

Kids Krav Teachs Self Defense: Elite’s kid Kravteaches real Krav Maga self defense techniques, be it from adults with bad intent, bullies, or other potentially dangerous situations.  Simultaneously, kids are taught restraint.  They will be taught not to use their new skills on siblings or others in any way that would make them the aggressor.

Sign up for the new Kids Krav classes:  We promise your kids will be safe and have fun in the Krav Maga for Kids (Kids Krav) program.

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