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At Elite Training Center, self-defense training for kids and anti-bullying are taken very seriously, and hence, we are proud to offer Kids CMMA classes for boys & girls 4 to 8 and Youth CMMA classes for ages 8-12.

By combining key principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga, our self defense classes for kids programs teach children the self-confidence and mental strength required to counteract attackers in a non-aggressive manner. We emphasize that martial arts should not be used against an individual unless you are physically threatened.

That is why respect, kindness, and verbal conflict resolution are the key values that are ingrained into every one of our lessons. View our kids martial arts class schedule for availability.

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We specialize in Krav Maga, Muay Thai, MMA, and Kali.
You can join any two classes you want to try out! All ages and skill levels are welcome!

Bullying at Your Child’s School

This brings us to another topic that has received significant attention lately: bullying at school and why the curriculum does not include formal self-defense classes.

Bullying at school has been a serious problem for time immemorial. Despite the major increase in cyberbullying in the last decade, physical attacks are happening in schools all across the country. Unfortunately, the general rule remains “Never fight back, never call the cops,” with the argument being that the bully will eventually tire and leave the victim alone, allowing the victim to report the bullying to a teacher to be handled internally.

It is a popular belief that these rules are established primarily to protect the school and its faculty, not the students. Furthermore, many schools punish students for being involved in any way, which means that self-defense against bullying is also punishable. While this is a serious conundrum in the current school system, one way around this rule would be to teach children to be aware of their surroundings and avoid physical altercations if possible.


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Elite Training Center Member Review

I really don’t know where to start, so I will begin by saying that Elite Training Center is absolutely the best! We began searching for a martial arts studio when we first arrived in South Bay a couple of years ago. After looking at some of the schools in the area, we decided to go with Elite Training Center. My son began a week before I did—to be honest, I had not yet decided if it was something I could commit to with my busy work schedule. After watching him in a few classes, and peeking in on some of the adult Krav Maga, Kali/Silat, and Muay Thai classes, I knew I had to give it a shot. The one thing that stood out to me the most was that in all of these classes, the students were paired up and actually learned the techniques by practicing on each other. This seemed far more effective—and fun—than shadowboxing for an hour like we saw at other schools. Needless to say, I was hooked after the first Krav Maga class I took!

As for a busy or changing work schedule, Elite Training Center offers the most classes of any martial arts studio I have ever seen. There are classes throughout the day Monday through Friday, and morning classes on Saturday. Elite has something for everyone, regardless of age, physical ability, or experience. If you are looking to train mostly for sport and competition, they offer MMA and Muay Thai classes taught by amazing instructors, some of who are actually professional fighters. If you want to throw rules out the window, the Krav Maga program at Elite is absolutely amazing, and could very well save your life someday.

My son attends the youth Combative Mixed Martial Arts (CMMA) classes where he’s learned so much. Not only has he developed the skills to physically defend himself, he’s also gained confidence, self-control, and a desire to improve and perfect what he’s learned. He trains with the best instructors who genuinely want to see their students master the techniques. In addition to the regular CMMA classes, my son also attends the competition classes. These classes are a bit more focused and intense to help prepare the kids to compete at tournaments. This is where he really fine-tunes his training and receives more one-on-one instruction from some truly knowledgeable instructors.

We really love walking into Elite and being welcomed so warmly by the staff and instructors. They get to know everyone on a personal level and genuinely care about their students. The comfortable, family vibe is just one more thing that makes Elite Training Center so awesome!

Important and Consistent Safety Messages for Kids

Ever since a child abduction social experiment video was released in 2015, it has spurred widespread discussion among those who saw it – whether parents or not. The video shows a man in his 20s or 30s approaching children aged 4-5 to see if they will talk to him or walk off with him. Sometimes he entices children with a puppy, and every time, he speaks to the parent first to get permission for the experiment. His argument is that despite parents’ claims that they had taught their children not to talk to strangers, children will talk to and walk off with almost anyone.


Whether you tell your kids not to engage with strangers, or tell them to feel comfortable asking strangers for help but never to walk away with them, it is clear that critical messages that could save your child’s life merit repeating. It is important to be thorough in discussions when it comes to serious issues like kidnapping. You might also consider taking the message one step further and teaching self-defense to your kids, as receiving a consistent safety message on a regular basis can greatly help your children in the long run.

Furthermore, the video carries an even more important and widely applicable message: Don’t be complacent about safety. We often talk about living in the “South Bay bubble,” where any time a violent crime is committed, it becomes a major news story. However, we need to remind ourselves that bad things can happen to anyone, anywhere.

Remember, important messages always bear repeating, even if they may seem like the same old, same old. The more you are physically and mentally prepared for it, the more likely you are to avoid trouble or survive it if it somehow finds you. Never let a terrible news story or worse – something happening to your child – be the prompt to your realization that you did not prepare them enough to defend themselves. This is where self-defense for kids comes in.

Kids Self Defense Classes in Redondo Beach

To learn more about self-defense for kids or enroll your child in one of our programs, we welcome you to call our gym at (310) 807-2884 or fill fill out our form to receive 1 Week Of Free Kids Classes Register your kid today.

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