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Krav Maga classes at Elite Training Center often follow a similar pattern. After a warm up there is a lesson on a particular technique, and in the final minutes of class students drill that technique while stressed and exhausted. Usually this involves rapidly fatiguing themselves with nonstop palm strikes, kicks, punches, and other movements designed to exhaust quickly. At various points during this chaotic exercise, students must perform the day’s technique to the best of their ability. The central purposes for these types of drills are twofold: First, so students can see and understand what happens to technique under stress; second, to train themselves to keep going no matter what.

If you need to defend yourself, it’s unlikely that you’ll be fresh, warmed up, and ready! Usually you’re surprised and off-balance; in an attack, adrenaline and other stress hormones immediately flood your bloodstream, activating the “fight or flight” response. Many people actually forget to breathe, and the tension in your body can exhaust you extremely quickly. The krav maga drills that tire out your body help you learn what happens to technique under stress, and they help you discover where the major gaps are in your abilities so that you can work to shore them up and improve your technique. After repetition and practice your body will deliver automatically if you do ever have to defend yourself in a real life self defense situation.

Perseverance when overwhelmed and exhausted is something that is essential to self-defense. You have to have absolute resolve that you will keep trying to escape as long as your heart is still beating…the will to survive. Although giving up might seem like the only option when your body is tired and you feel overwhelmed, it’s something that you can train your body and more importantly your mind to push through. Each time you practice the drills in class, don’t save yourself. Burn out your muscles and lungs, push yourself. Keep going, even if all you can manage is a slap on the pad. If you make mistakes on the technique, don’t stop! Fix it the next time.

Krav Maga

Every time you practice these kinds of Krav Maga drills your body and mind get stronger. You gain a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and over time you can expand on those strengths and improve on the weaknesses. So push yourself in class! Develop that “never quit” mindset on the mat and it will be there for you if you ever truly need it to protect yourself or a loved one.

Krav Maga
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