KRAV MAGA in Redondo Beach

Saturday’s Krav Maga in Redondo Beach promotion felt like some of the promotions we first organized. Not to take anything away from those who promoted into Advanced Krav Maga and Elite’s Masters Krav Maga program, but there were so many people who showed up to support their brothers and sisters. Thank you.

To those of you who did promote and test, we applaud you. Remember the feelings you were experiencing during the promotion for Krav Maga in Redondo Beach. They are real. They are genuine. They are your own and represent who and what you are made of. In conflict or under duress, we most likely won’t have the cheers and confidence of others. You can however reach deep down inside and find it. You didn’t quit, you may have been on the verge of it, but your team wouldn’t let you and that’s a feeling you will never forget.

Martial arts don’t really scream “TEAM” if you look at it from the outside. However, a common goal if being achieved by individuals can and will lead to a team mindset. This is one of the many reasons Elite students are so successful. A skill set is critical, but a relentless mindset and perseverance is what will matter in the end.

Remember each time you step on the mat that many people give up. They quit. They make excuses not to train. They don’t see the point. Whatever those excuses are, they are selfish. By the showing of support on Saturday, selfish isn’t a word that comes to mind.

I do know that to all the people who showed up to promote, test and support on Saturday that Elite’s combative mixed martial arts system is a lifestyle for you, not a hobby. Every time we have a promotion, whether it is for Elite’s kids and youth martial arts program or our adult Krav Maga, MMA, Muay Thai kickbxoing etc, I am reminded why we train, why we teach and what is truly important. It isn’t me. It is all of us.

Smile big today. Make someone laugh. Train hard. Train often.

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S. Derhammer

Martial Arts Fitness

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KRAV MAGA in Redondo Beach

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