Slow Down, Be Precise, Be Complete

Challenge yourself everyday to accomplish a goal. Elite Training Center (Redondo Beach, CA), encourages and challenges its members to push themselves to achieve their next goal. As we often talk about in Krav Maga, achieving a short term goal such as your next stripe can lead to accomplishing long term goals such as earning a black belt.

Refine your technique slowly and thoroughly: through this practice, perfecting movement from roundkicks to gun dissarms will lead you to attaining your short and long term goals.

Kali/Silat emphasizes the slow and controlled movement in all aspects of training. Whether it is empty hand combat, blade or impact weapon, to focus on speed above concise and surgical movements would simply instill bad habits and result in failure.

Whether we train in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or the combination of the above to form a platform for an MMA fighter, precision and controlled movements are paramount in a martial artist’s repertoire.

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