The First Step– thoughts on motivation

Although beautiful days are not a rare thing in Redondo Beach, yesterday was exceptionally gorgeous.  There’s nothing like the crisp, clean air after it rains, and there was a light breeze off the ocean that made the salty smell in the air even stronger than usual.  Days like yesterday make me feel alive, so naturally they’re usually the perfect days to work out…

But for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it, coming up with every excuse in the book to delay it.  Finally, after a guilt trip from my husband, I headed out to train.  My plan was to start with 15 minutes and see how I felt, but within 2 minutes of hitting the pads and hearing that solid “thwack-thwack” of punches and kicks, it no longer seemed like a chore, and I felt like I could continue for hours.  Afterwards I was happy, calm, proud that I’d made that first step, and ready to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day.

Taking that first step onto the mat can be hard to do sometimes, but it is probably the most important part of health and training.  We all have mornings when hitting the snooze button again feels like the best idea in the world, and we all have evenings after a long day of school or work when all you want to do is head home and collapse in front of the TV.  Working out or training feels like another chore…but I don’t know anyone who has said, “That was a waste of time and now I feel worse,” after forcing him or herself to show up at the school or gym after a long day (or short night)!  We all struggle with motivation at times; life can be complicated and exhausting.  Work, school, spouse, kids, finances, health, etc…all of these things can be overwhelming.  But through it all, martial arts will support you, and everyone at Elite is here for you.  All you have to do is take that first step.

Elite has a schedule that makes it easy to stop by and take a class at convenient times, such as before or after school or work.  And the classes are offered in such a way that you can choose your speed or discipline.  Not feeling up to a cardio-blasting Extreme Kickboxing class?  Perhaps a more mentally challenging Jiu Jitsu class fits your mood better.  No matter what class you choose, by taking that first step onto the mat you have already succeeded, doing more and pushing yourself more than most people do.  Recognize it and be proud of it.  We are proud of each of you.

See you at the school!


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