Enjoy the journey

Several people have come up to me in the last few weeks expressing anxiety about how their hectic schedules and outside commitments keep them from training as often as they’d like. It can be frustrating to watch fellow students advance at a rapid pace because they are able to train several hours a day, and while you’re happy for them, you feel like you’re moving much slower in comparison. I completely understand this frustration…I’ve felt it myself on countless occasions! What’s helped me is to try hard not to compare and to look at the bigger picture and see the cycles of life a little more clearly. Maybe you can’t train much because you’re rehabbing an injury or because you work a demanding job. Maybe you have young children and caring for them fills your days. And then you look at that college student who has a comparatively open schedule and a freedom in his life that you remember only vaguely (if at all!). It’s easy to feel despondent and discouraged, but everyone’s life moves in cycles. Eventually, at one time or another, most of us will feel the pressures of work, family, or injury. We also will have times when we have fewer outside pressures and can make it into the school more often. What’s truly important is that we keep training and keep moving forward on our own individual paths. For some of us that path is a career as a professional fighter, but for most of us it’s a lifelong commitment to improving our lives and the lives of those around us through martial arts. Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach is here to help you attain those goals. Try to train steadily and consistently to the best of your ability while maintaining a balance in the rest of your life. Martial arts are about enriching and adding to life…try to enjoy your particular path, with all of its slow climbs and occasional steep jumps!
Here’s a good goal: Aim for ten minutes of shadowboxing each day, running through and reviewing the techniques that you know, from kickboxing to kali to jiu jitsu to Krav Maga. By the end of the month, you will have logged five additional hours of repetition of your skill set.

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