Humility…get some!!!

Everything has a humble beginning. We’ve all heard the cliche phrases, “He/She/It comes from humble beginnings…” Whether you train in Kali, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, BJJ or MMA at Elite Training Center (Redondo Beach, CA) it is important to understand that most martial arts started small. In keeping with the humble accordance, it is the essence of the true martial artist to adhere to a lifestyle that is rich with humility.

As we grow as martial artists we must keep one another in check. It is the acceptance of the opinions of others that can empower the esteem of the practitioner or negate their progress completely. “Don’t get cocky.” We’ve all heard it and we’ve all said it. Confidence in one’s skill set and the boasting of what we have done to achieve said skills can be a gray area for some and black and white for others.

As a student who is continually on the path of reaching higher levels, never waiver from your path. Your responsibility is to smooth out the bumps to get there. Don’t let your ego drive. Put it in the back seat and tell it to get in the back and keep quiet until you get to your destination.

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