Success and Teams

Teamwork. We all think we know what it means. But do we truly? Not until your team or mates are faced with adversity can one truly comprehend what being a part of a team means.

Take for instance the ring fighter, whether they are a boxer, kickboxer or mixed martial artist; does he or she simply step into the ring without preparation? Hours upon hours of training are required.  Who trains him/her to work on combinations? Who consults him/her on diet and nutrition? Who spars with the fighter? Those are his/her teammates.

At Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach, we pride ourselves on helping out our fellow student. In many instances we call on our students to help out their team. If one person falls, we help pick them up. If one person fails, the next person knows their job and will try to execute what their fallen comrade couldn’t.

This sort of thinking can spill over and benefit us in our personal and professional lives. Fortune 500 companies aren’t successful because 1 person came up with an idea and handled it from start to finish. That person had teams of people helping them, molding them, and consulting them along the way.

Whether it is a professional fighter or a working professional being a part of a team is what brings success.

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