Mind-Over-Matter…of fact

Train daily. Create something habitual that can benefit not only you, but others as well. Easier said than done? Not really.

By instituting something physically and mentally stimulating the benefits are tremendous. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, the mind-body connection is the greatest gift one can give to not only the self, but to others.

At Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach, CA we practice various martial arts with varying degrees of intensity. Krav Maga, a very intense and brutal martial style works off of instinctual movement. In order to make it work though the mind and body must work in harmony to be successful.

In Muay Thai Kickboxing, technique is everything (this does not negate speed and power). To ensure that a punch is deployed properly can also give reassurance that the striker is actually protected by keeping the jaw line covered with the shoulder.

In Kali the use of angles is extremely important. To not be in the line of an attack, particularly an impact weapon or a blade must be understood. This transition can be applied to simple life experiences.

MMA and BJJ share many attributes regarding technique. In guard positions, it is the more skilled and patient practitioner who can be comfortable on their back and wait for their top positioned opponent to make a mistake. It is not without lessons learned and the manifestation of the mind-body connection that allows to see an opening.

Regardless of what discipline you train in, it isn’t simply about “showing up.” It is about showing up, listening with attentive ears and seeing things with clear eyes that leads us to make the connection of the mind and body.

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