MMA BJJ Elite – Learning while Injured: MMA and BJJ at Elite Training Center

Taking time off from MMA (mixed martial arts) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is never an easy thing for me, but it’s an even harder pill to swallow when my hiatus is forced upon me due to injury.  After a very successful showing for myself and all of Elite’s jiu jitsu competitors at last week’s NABJJF jiu jitsu tournament, I had to bite the proverbial bullet and have much needed surgery on my hand.  My deepest gratitude is extended to my family and friends at Elite Training Center for making this procedure happen and I plan on coming back a much stronger fighter when I’m healed.  And herein lies the topic I would like to touch on today.  While it is easy for some to not think about the deterioration of their skills while taking time off, I slide dramatically to the other end of the spectrum.  I’m going quite mad without the stimulation that MMA and BJJ provides me physically!  But…that does not mean I cannot train in other ways.  I have spent countless hours poring over my favorite fights and matches, read and watched interviews with the fighters that I wish to emulate, and most importantly I have just sat and watched classes at Elite.  Not only is it fun to watch my friends train and improve in MMA and kickboxing and BJJ, but I’m also learning new things from a third party’s perspective that I may have missed if I was actively training.

So to all my fellow martial artists on the injured reserve list, I strongly encourage you to continue going to class and watch and learn from the sideline.  I promise you it will pay off when you return, plus you will get your daily dose of camaraderie that you had been missing.  To conclude, my advice would be to grab a notebook and pen and jot down ideas you had, moves you’ve seen and wish to learn, a youtube video with a useful tip in the martial art you’ve chosen, anything to keep your mind in the same state it is in when you are actively training.  Who knows, maybe you’ll bring something new to the table upon your return that will help your whole team.  Thanks for all the help and well wishes guys.  I’ll be back soon with a whole new cookbook of moves.

~Travis Williams

Elite Training Center
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Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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MMA BJJ Elite Learning while Injured:  MMA and BJJ at Elite Training Center




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