MMA Can It Be Selfless?


Training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) without the right mind set can only submit your efforts to progress forward. While training your Striking, Wrestling or Submissions, for the sole purpose of making yourself better does not lend itself to the true essence of Martial Arts. At Elite Training Center we highly encourage our students to give back (and no, not by giving out charity which is not a bad thing), but by helping a student with less experience than you. On the mats it is important to always be respectful to the instructor teaching, giving them your undivided attention. During techniques and drills it is essential to give feed back to your partner, stay positive and help each other.

Lets go back to the beginning, the right mind set for Mixed Martial Arts.

Positive Attitude: It is imperative to have the willingness to learn through your failures; When you mess a technique up laugh about it, talk to yourself and say, “ha I wont make that mistake again.”

Respect Everyone (Even your dog) Make sure to be a respectful person. Show respect to others, yourself and your body. Those are three completely different areas of respect, be respectful to others by treating them with open arms and kind words, if you wouldn’t treat your grandmother that way its probably rude. Be respectful to yourself; Being respectful to your image by your actions, remember actions speak louder then words. Respect your body; eat right, sleep, workout, and always remember to have FUN!!

Selflessness: Give back to others, be the person on the mat always encouraging others to work harder, help them with techniques and be a leader on and off the mat. It’s not just about you its about the people around you. Never let your teammates fail.

When you give back to others and assist their progress you will learn tenfold.


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