Class Schedule Redondo Beach

Class Schedule Redondo Beach

2 Free Trial Classes

If you are considering joining our gym, just show up 15 mins before the class you are interested in taking begins. We can register you or your family member before the class starts so you can start your free gym trial today.
Same Day Drop-Ins Are Welcome.

Mixed Martial Arts Gym Schedule Elite Training Center

Kickboxing Levels
Basic – White Belt
Adv – Orange & Red Belt
Masters Path – Blue & Above

MMA Levels
Basic – White Belt
Adv – Blue Belt
Masters Path – Blue 3 Stripe+

Krav Maga Levels
Basic – 6 Months & Below
Adv – Orange/Green
Masters – Blue/Brown/Black Belt

Open Mat – Advanced Level *ONLY
MMA Sparring – 1st Stripe Blue Belt & Above *ONLY

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