MMA fights

Competition does not need to be the end result of your martial arts path. There are so many positive aspects to what you are achieving just by showing up and training every day. But to some the call of the cage and the desire to test all that you have learned becomes part of their journey and hones their skills even more. Roman demonstrated this last weekend in his fight and win at the U of MMA fights in Los Angeles.
Even though Elite Training Center is not necessarily a gym for fighters we are blessed to have many talented fighters in our midst as both coaches and/or training partners, helping and working to prepare our fighters for MMA fights. And due to the hard work our friends have put in we have seen a lot of success in the cage and ring. I was happy to see so many students at the MMA fights last weekend. As members of the school and to show our appreciation for our fighters’ tremendous work ethic, it’s our responsibility to be there when they fight to cheer them on in a win or console them in the rare defeat. Even if you are not in the mma/mixed martial arts program I would bet that you have been influenced by our team’s fighters and the cross pollination of techniques between the different arts offered at elite, such as Muay Thai kickboxing (Thai boxing), BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kali Silat, and Krav Maga.  Even our fitness classes are influenced by mma conditioning methods. Our students have developed a reputation at fights for showing up in mass and cheering loudly, and through this we are able to get our name out and generate more and better fights for our team. It also makes a tremendous difference to our fighters, as Roman can attest. So let’s continue the tradition of seeing a sea of elite shirts at the fights! There will be more in the near future…if you haven’t been to one yet then plan to come out and have fun with friends…

~Travis Williams

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