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MMA in Redondo Beach

When training in various martial art disciplines such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA in Redondo Beach),  practitioners learn the importance of the mental and physical commitment. These coincide to make the artist stronger in two facets. However it can be and should be more.

At Elite Training Center we encourage our students to research their desired discipline. To understand the history of something is to truly immerse oneself into its rich culture. Read often! Look online at the diverse ideas about the development of any particular martial art. A remarkable sense of respect comes about once a history is understood and its necessity is researched.

Krav Maga being an Israeli system, was at its inception taught primarily to its military and citizens because they were surrounded by enemies. As time lapses Krav Maga has evolved.

Kali has its roots dating back 2000 years. When the Spanish invaded the Philippines, Filipino martial arts were often hidden in dance. This was to keep the Spaniards from stealing or understanding a cultures fighting style eventually used to thwart Spanish invasion.

Muay Thai, although believed to only be a sport has a very rich heritage as Thailand was constantly at war for many years with Burma. A militarized version is still in existence today known as Muay Boran and a weapons style referred to as Krabi Krabong.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has a history very deep, stemming from the practice of Japanese Jiu Jitsu. In comparison is a smaller system, but a more refined and evolutionary system to say the least. BJJ is such an important system today for not only self defense, but MMA in particular.  In Brasil, the sport is called Vale Tudo; meaning Anything Goes! Without its invention MMA most likely wouldn’t be as popular nor successful.

Throughout all of the years of research and development we wouldn’t have the systems that we have today. Without habitual practice the systems wouldn’t be nearly as strong.

Martial artists are more than just meat heads with bad tattoos and stupid haircuts. Although a majority of the population would believe this to be true, the true artist understands a systems culture, keeps an open mind and researches, reads and writes about its history, lineage and artistry.  To train MMA in Redondo Beach, is to train the mixture of the arts and/or begin the basic MMA program at Elite Training Center.

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MMA in Redondo Beach

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MMA in Redondo Beach


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