Muay Thai Fight

Muay Thai fight

This is an awesome Muay Thai fight between two great warriors. The third round in a muay thai fight is jaw droppingly destructive. This video starts in the third round of a muay thai fight and in my opinion is the round of the year. Rounds 1 and 2 in muay thai kickboxing in thailand are not traditionally fought very hard because the culture and audience is so centered on betting on the fighters. In round three things always heat up with round four being competitive as well. If you’ll notice in round 5 they essentially play pattycake and take the round off. The reasoning behind this is that the judges have already decided who has won by then so there is no use in risking injury when they fight so often. It is a strange scoring and betting system utilized in thailand and while it may be a bit archaic the quality of fights and fighters is always spectacular.

~Travis Williams

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Muay Thai Fight

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