Elite Training Center’s Muay Thai Kickboxing Promotion & The Perfect System

Elite Training Center, Hermosa Beach held its first Muay Thai Kickboxing Promotion last Saturday. A big thank you goes out to everyone involved. Thank you so much for showing up and supporting.

Elite Training Center Redondo Beach's photo.
Elite Training Center Redondo Beach's photo.
Elite Training Center Redondo Beach's photo.

Muay Thai Kickboxing is a huge piece of Krav Maga at Elite Training Center, MMA too. A few years ago, we began including it as a prerequisite to advance within our Krav Maga and MMA programs. It has paid off. Student comprehension has increased greatly in our Krav Maga and MMA systems. There is a greater understanding and connectivity.

Often people want to separate systems. We don’t. It isn’t the right thing to do. No system is a “perfect” system. There is no such thing. When there is something new developed, something will be invented to counter yesterdays techniques and systems become antiquated. You have to push it.

Don’t pigeonhole yourself by training in 1 system. Train in as much as you are able to. Don’t be the “Krav Maga guy” or “Muay Thai gal” or “Jiu Jitsu guy.” Be something more. What happens when there is a real threat? What happens when there is something imminent?

Krav Maga at Elite Training Center is different. We incorporate a lot more stand up and ground fighting. We encourage the cross training of Krav Maga students to MMA. People say, “Krav Maga is about escape. I’ll hit and run.” Granted and it is important to have that mindset. What about when you can’t?  There is so much more out there that will make you more successful and rightly so, possibly be the difference in a win/lose or life/death situation.

Train hard. Train often.

S. Derhammer

Martial Arts Fitness

Elite Training Center
1628 South Pacific Coast Highway,
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 543-1600


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