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It has been exactly nine months since the Elite family and I returned from our Thailand Muay Thai adventure.  It is difficult to convey how large an impact that experience has had on my training and the way I view the world.  I feel extremely blessed to be a part of a team that sees the advantage of stepping out of our comfortable environment to gain culture and immeasurable amounts of technical work from the people who have given us the gift of Muay Thai.  I reflect on our trip daily and how it changed my views on what it means to be a fighter and the benefits we have in the place we live.  From the amazing food and hospitality, our vomit-inducing boat ride, or panic stricken taxi drives, I was taken entirely out of my element and I surprised myself by thriving in every new situation.  One place I didn’t feel out of my element was while training.  I was impressed with how well prepared we all were and all of my teammates performed admirably.

Muay Thai Boxing Techniques

I have brought many things home from our trip and into our MMA program.  The clinch game of Thai boxers is on another level entirely and that is something I’ve been working on a lot more.  You may not find many crazy new techniques if you visit Thailand’s Muay Thai camps but what you will find is refinement of techniques, coming closer to perfection on the basics through incessant repetition.  To say the Thais have an extremist view on training is stating it lightly.  You will be doing thousands of reps on all kicks, punches, knees, and elbows.  There will be no long combinations, just an endless amount of simple techniques seared into your brain on repeat while you struggle to breathe in that humid jungle.  And then when you want it to be over you get to experience what makes it all worth it.  Thai padholding!  I have been blessed with amazing coaches but the way the Thais hold pads is as close to perfect as it gets.

I want to tell you more of our trip because it means so much to me but as luck would have it Elite already has another Thailand trip scheduled, so why not experience it for yourself?

To my team, I am proud to have done that with you and to the people at Elite that made it happen, thank you for making a dream of mine a reality.

~Travis Williams

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