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Pay attention to the world around you, these are some of the reason you are learning Enhanced Krav Maga at Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach!

NTARC Weekly Homeland Security News Briefing

This weeks Homeland Security Headlines:

  • 10,000 TSA Staff To Get Access To Secret Intel
  • Breast Implant Bombs Could Be Terrorists New Weapon
  • Police Deal With False Alarm in North Vancouver
  • Cyber ShockWave Simulated Cyber Attack Set for Tuesday
  • Mumbai Terror Suspect’s Attorney Shot Dead
  • Port of Los Angeles Adds Ship to Screen for Biological Weapons
  • New 9/11 Photos Released – Never Seen Before
  • Police Seek Suspicious Man At Minneapolis Airport
  • Taliban Terror Attack On Hotel Thwarted
  • Former Al Qaeda-Linked Associates Warn of Future Attacks
  • al-Qaeda – A Wounded But Very Dangerous Enemy
  • al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Urges Jihad
  • Mexico Arrests 2 Reputed Leaders of Tijuana Drug Gang
  • Security Scare Closes Detroit Airport Concourse
  • Iran Anniversary Punch Will Stun The West – Khamenei
  • Clinton – al Qaeda Is Greater Threat Than Iran, N. Korea
  • Serial Firebombing Suspect Captured by Police
  • Schumer Protests Elimination of Anti-terrorist Coast Guard Unit
  • Drug Cartels Tighten Grip, Mexico Becoming Narco-state
  • Interagency Teams Can Now Question Terror Suspects
  • Anthrax Contaminated Heroin Continues To Spread
  • Intel Chief – U.S. May Target Americans Involved in Terrorism

February 12th, 2010

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