Martial Arts and New Year’s Resolutions: The Empty Oaths We Fake

We are shaped by the men and women we are inspired by. Whether it is in martial arts or being a police officer, everyone needs someone. Look to that person who inspires you for guidance or be that person going into 2015 to guide someone. Having a partner can hold you accountable, but can also enable you to not make the right decisions when it comes to attaining goals.

If you’re like me, you stood up to that silly idea of a New Year’s resolution and told your friends, “I’m not going to do something so silly. I know it won’t hold up. What other form of discipline do I need to include in my life? I exercise. I eat relatively well.” Then without missing a beat, you make a quiet oath to yourself and make some ridiculous, over the top goal that you stick with for a couple of weeks. Yeah, I’m with you. How to stick with it? Surround yourself with others who have similar goals.

Elite Training Center has forged incredible relationships with people. We’ve seen friendships turn into lifetime commitments (ugh...Krav Maga, Muay Thai Kickboxing, MMA and then you’re married). We’ve seen people change their lives entirely since focusing on the martial arts. Now I’m not saying you should marry your training partners, unless you want to. Then, by all means go for it; it’s just not for me.

Since we’re coming up on the tail end of 2014, finish it how you intended on starting it. If you said to yourself that you were going to eat junk food everyday, play video games, and never exercise then this isn’t meant for you (I love junk food, video games and am partial to exercise). If you did make a silent vow to make this year “your best year yet,” you can finish it strong and have some momentum going in to 2015!

Find the people who are living positive lifestyles. Surround yourself with the people are doing the martial arts you want to do. Forge those relationships that you are looking for. Be something to someone if you are already on this path. If Krav Maga is your bread and butter and MMA seems interesting to you, grab a friend who is doing it or encourage them to do it with you.

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