Orei within the Martial Arts

Meaning “Respect” or “Etiquette”. Generally speaking , it’s an expression of respect and appreciation usually shown in the way we treat and greet each other in the martial arts. In its original context, it was always a formal bow or a proper salutation. Sometimes it can be a simple “Osu” to say hello or goodbye, or just to acknowledge others.
“OREI” should always be shown toward our seniors and those that share their knowledge and wisdom in the martial arts and in life.  
Modern day allows for other forms of greetings, acknowledgements
and sometimes even a simple nod of the head or a polite gesture from across the room.
However, friendly and polite greetings should always be practiced and given whenever we are in the formality of the dojo. Most would agree that our parents/grandparents tend to like people that are respectful.  
It’s unlikely that anyone would dislike you because you are being respectful and polite. However, it’s difficult to like and respect someone that is rude, crude and vulgar.
Practicing “OREI” everyday will make it a habit…, in the Dojo, in school, at work, at home and in our community.
As  Leaders in the Martial Arts, we should always build bridges with others and develop stronger relationships in all of the above areas. Treating people with respect and dignity will strengthen relationships and earn you respect as well.
          Whats that word again? “OREI” Sir!

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