As September 11th draws near we are continually reminded about the horrors of that day. We all remember where we were when we either heard about commercial airliners being used as weapons, or watched it unfold.

Throughout history when such events occur, the images are burned into our psyches. Sayings such as, “Never Forget” and “Always Remember” are uttered and posted. I wonder how could we forget? How can we NOT remember? But these sayings must ring true because we as Americans often take the luxuries we have for granted. Thus we forget and don’t remember what has made this country great, sacrifice.

Post 9/11 Americans were put on high alert and began to see first hand what extremism could do when spun by zealots and misinformation.

At Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach we continually remind one another, both students and instructors about the fortunate lifestyle we all live here in America. We get to wake up everyday and go to a kickboxing class! We rise and shine, have something to eat , maybe grab a cup of coffee and train in Krav Maga, Kali, or  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Then we get to go home, eat more and go to work, often to jobs we complain about.

We are so very fortunate to have the opportunities we have. This doesn’t negate the hard work that we put in to sustain or reach for a better life. It is simply to state that we must recognize what we have, how we have it and why.

Daily, men and women throughout the world are working nonstop to ensure that events such as 9/11 don’t happen again. For this we are grateful. But do we actually remind ourselves about it? When we wake up and roll out of bed do we stop and think how great we have it?

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