We’ve collected links to some of our partners and our favorite sites so you can take the initiative to learn more about the expansive world of self-defense and combative sports.

Elite Recommended Sites

On The Mat Fight Shops

Krav Maga Alliance

The Hawaiian Lua: Solomon Kaihewalu

The Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts

Gene Dunn’s Shotokan Karate Dojo

US Navy Seal Teams

Brooklyn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Official Site of Rodrigo Gracie

Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts

LOTAR works only with the best and most qualified instructors in their fields. We are very proud to not only provide our proven and qualified experience but also to work in conjunction with the following national and international partners to bring the public as well as Law Enforcement the pinnacle of Use of Force tactical skill sets. Coming together, our companies provide tailor-made courses depending on operational requirements.


President – Itay Gil

Protect is a private leader in security training and services for the domestic Israeli market. The company is among the very few official private outsourcing solutions for Israeli government agencies and the Israeli Defense Forces. In 2002, Protect launched its foreign division and plans to offer training services to companies and agencies around the world.


President – Alberto Gallazzi

IBS is an organization specialized in personal protection. It is a corporate member of the World Wide Federation of Bodyguards and other elite associations. IBS is widening its sphere of action out in the national territories of Europe, East Country, USA, Canada, and Latin America.


President – Carl Halley

Australia’s leading Tactical Krav Maga training for civilians, law enforcement, and the military in the areas of self-defense on public transport, aviation, and marine environments.


President – Nir Maman

The International Defense Force is a private firm that caters to the training and consulting needs of government and corporate organizations on a global scale. The I.D.F. is operated by a management team with backgrounds, experience, and a level of expertise that is unmatched. This team is headed up by individuals that are world-renowned experts in the Military, Police, and Security fields. These individuals come from high levels of Canadian Police Tactical and Use of Force Instruction Units, Israeli Special Forces, and Israeli Secret Service and Government Security Units.

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