self-defense classes

self-defense classes

My wife came back to train at Elite last Saturday. It has been about 18
months since she stopped self-defense classes after our son was born. We took the Saturday
extreme class together. I’m hoping this will be the start of a routine we
can do together, and more importantly I hope she will get the bug to learn
Krav Maga but let’s take it one step at a time for now! I’m happy that she’s
doing extreme and that’s a big step for most of us who lead busy lives with
work, and family commitments.

Making time to learn something new is hard, let alone when its self defense and self-defense classes,
it’s seems that much harder. However, at Elite, it’s not that hard- The
facility is clean, the teachers care about you and your well being, the
Elite Community is there to help and encourage you every step of the way.
The high you get from training here is contagious. The hardest step is
literally taking the first step in the door at Elite. After that it’s easy!
I know because that’s how it was for me and that what my wife told me as

So please encourage and guide those you care about to take the first step to self-defense classes!
Do you remember your first step?

In closing, I want to share a video I came across recently. Women/Men
reading this please watch and comment.

Based on what we teach in the Krav Maga program, what do you think the girl does
correctly, what should she have done differently in a self defense scenario?

I’ll give you my comments later.

self-defense classes

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self-defense classes

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