Emergency and Combat


“It’s better to have it and not need than need it and not have it.” If you’ve practiced in the martial arts you’ve perhaps heard this statement or are at least aware of it.

As we all pursue the martial lifestyle and reinvent what it means for ourselves, most likely you’ve had friends who consider you a bit strange. Maybe they’ve asked, “when are you ever going to need to take a gun away from someone” or “when will you be attacked by a knife.” Is this due to our assumptive nature of safety? I often run through techniques in my head and wonder the same thing. As a civilian when will I need to disarm a rifle or shotgun from an attacker or someone with ill intent? Every person who has ever been the victim of violence didn’t wake up that morning planning on being attacked. That’s why it is imperative to be prepared for any kind of attack.

We will never know the severity of violence until it is happening. The only truth in combat is that it exists. Our planning must be that of diligence. We must be prepared for anything and everything.

Over the weekend Elite Training Center began the Emergency Preparedness series and began with basic information and varied types of attacks. How would each of us deal with the unfortunate event of someone attacking someone we cared about. The skills and techniques used to bodyguard can also be applied to that of protecting one’s family.

Every system (Krav Maga, Kali Silat, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA) all have their place in Elite’s martial system. In the case of preparedness for varied scenarios of attack can be likened to that of the martial arts practitioner or combative mixed martial artist. With every attack there is a counter attack or defensive tactic. Understanding this and applying it to your emergency preparedness will give the upper hand to Elite’s members in the event of any given attack.

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