In the death of you call me selfish, for it is Now I am determined to save us: together we will succeed!


When I was 17, a friend and mine in Philadelphia said, “The things I like about you Tony are you do not get caught up in your moods and you are one of the most single minded people I ever met!” Hearing that from Russell was a very power moment in my life up to the point.  My friend of was the first multi-millionaire I ever met and although blind of his sight a visionary in his industry.

From 17 to this day in my life, I could always determine if something was right in my life.  My challenge has been the line between being selfish verses being single-minded.  I want you to think of such a line.  Think of the people you met and not your family.  If it was business, relationships and short interactions, when it came time to focus in on what was right and what you felt was true for you to do, did you wait until tomorrow or did you look that person in the eye to express how you felt?

For those of you that gain pressure from friends and family about what they think you should be doing with your life, such as starting a career, starting a family or getting married, I will tell you this;  if I am single-minded towards the real dream, people can call me selfish and I will say I am selfish with smile on my face.   I promised you if you stay true to your dream in ten years when you see your friends again, they will say, “I wish I did what you did!”

Thinking back to Russell, I am happy my first mentor told me I have had the ability to not get caught up in my moods.  I have been able to “snap out of it” when things have got tough in my life.  And when others thought I was selfish, I always remember Russell saying to continue each day towards your dream or it is one step closer to death.  He knew I could do it.



My best,

Prof. Tony Pacenski
2nd Degree Black Belt
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